IAM Security
Control Plane
for AWS

Medusa is a Single Pane of Glass solution for securing your cloud IAM – detect
over-permissive objects, gain unified visibility, and trace suspicious activity

Gartner estimates, "By 2020, 95% of all cloud security incidents will be the customer's fault."

What does it do?

The Medusa Control Plane was built to help your business with 4 critical use-cases.

The technology

How does it work?

Built with popular open-source technologies, Medusa can be deployed in your cloud environment or run in a managed environment

Deploy with 1-click

Start by launching our Cloud Formation template: a fine-grained IAM role will be created so Medusa can track your IAM permissions.

Sync your Information

Medusa will stream your AWS logs to the platform for real-time analysis, and make insights available through a secure Grafana dashboard.

Connect your Workflow

Medusa integrates with popular enterprise tools including Slack and Pager Duty for alerts, as well as identity providers such as Okta for secure platform access.

Ready to Start?

Secure your cloud with Medusa